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नीलिमा (Neelima) Saree

नीलिमा (Neelima) Saree

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Discover the Majesty of नीलिमा (Neelima) Saree! 🌌

Introducing the नीलिमा (Neelima) Saree, a testament to the timeless elegance of indigo. This saree is a harmonious blend of meticulous kantha embroidery, hand-embroidered mirrors, and a touch of crimson, creating a masterpiece of sustainable luxury.

With its rich indigo hue adorned with delicate hand block print motifs along the fall and border, this saree embodies majestic elegance and artisanal charm. The detailed craftsmanship showcases the beauty in sustainability, reflecting Save As's commitment to eco-friendly fashion 🌿.


  • Majestic indigo with intricate kantha embroidery 🧵
  • Hand-embroidered mirrors with a crimson accent ❤️
  • Adorned fall and border with indigo-colored hand block print motifs 🎨
  • Crafted sustainably, embracing the richness of tradition and modernity 🌍 

🌿 Natural Dye Disclaimer: This saree is dyed using natural indigo, celebrating the essence of traditional craftsmanship and eco-conscious fashion. Due to the nature of natural dyes, the saree may bleed color to the touch and to the body due to sweat, especially in the initial wears.

  • We recommend dry cleaning or washing separately in cold water with salt to maintain the vibrancy of the indigo.
  • Under no circumstances, the saree should be soaked in water for more than 5 minutes.

Embrace the beauty of handcrafted elegance with नीलिमा (Neelima) Saree and make a sustainable style statement!


  • 47" Width
  • 5.5m Length
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What is the material for this Saree?

  • 100% Cotton, naturally dyed.

Is a blouse piece included?

Think of our sarees as a 'bring your own blouse' party. 🎉 No blouse piece included, but a perfect chance to mix and match!

How long will it take to deliver?

Our Sarees are made-to-order, and typically delivery between 8 -12 days of ordering.

Can I return the saree if I don't like it?

If it doesn't spark joy, send it back! 😢 Just a heads-up, there's a small shipping fee – less than a fancy coffee! ☕️ More details on our Return Policy page.

Will the Saree come pre-draped?

Pre-draped? Not quite! Our sarees come ready for you to twist, twirl, and drape to your heart's content. 🌀 Need help? We're a message away for a custom creation!

How can I contact you?

Lost? Need help? Our contact details are playing hide and seek at the bottom of this page. Peek-a-boo! 👀

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Customer Reviews

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Rajendra Parvatikar
Elegant Neelima

Recently bought the lovely Neelima Saree. It is indeed a timeless elegance. The rich indigo, the fall, the block print motif border, and the artisanal finish, everything makes Neelima a wonderful asset to adorn.

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