Making sustainability affordable

We strive to make sustainability affordable. We employ upcycling, recycling and waste reduction techniques to offer sustainable choices to our conscious customers.


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  • Shalini Bhadani

    I really loved the quality of fabric and fitting. Amazing work. Lots of love to you.

  • Mansi Bahukhandi

    I have been loving Save As since the day it started. I have purchased quite a few masks for myself and my family and I must say that everyone loves them! They are quirky and style and on top of that sustainable

  • Tanaya

    This piece is just amazing and wow...fitting is on point
    N I did not really think that sustainability would be so comfortable...
    The fabric is really comfortable and u can look sexy at the same time

  • Sukanya

    A shoutout to Let's Save As for making this very comfortable summer shirt for me. I love the indie prints they source and quality is undoubtedly great.

  • Samiksha Agarwal

    Save As is a brand I can trust with my eyes closed. They have made the best custom fits for me and I will be forever grateful to them for up-ing my wardrobe game 😬💕

  • Meghna Chandra

    So I’ve been a fan of the fabric and the cut outs for sure. Can’t wait to order customised blouses from you!
    The top has been washed good lot of times, been on two trips and the novelity remains as-is!
    Most definitely sustainable! Kudos!

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