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Lavender रानी Saree

Lavender रानी Saree

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Introducing the Lavender रानी (Queen) Saree: Elegance Meets Regality 🌸

Drape yourself in the splendor of the Lavender रानी Saree, a testament to timeless elegance. This saree, with its serene lavender hue, embodies the grace and sophistication of a queen, making every woman feel majestic.

Skillfully crafted from premium materials, it captures the very essence of sustainable luxury. The saree seamlessly marries Western hues with traditional Indian craftsmanship, symbolizing the union of two worlds.


  • Radiant lavender base, a symbol of calmness and luxury 🌿
  • Intricately designed for a regal drape 👑
  • Crafted sustainably, mirroring Save As's commitment to eco-conscious fashion 🌍
  • A piece that transitions effortlessly from day elegance to night glamour 🌟

Step into a realm of regality with the Lavender रानी Saree, where every fold tells a story of sophistication and grace.


  • 47" Width
  • 5.5m Length


What is the material for this Saree?

  • 100% Cotton

Is a blouse piece included?

Think of our sarees as a 'bring your own blouse' party. 🎉 No blouse piece included, but a perfect chance to mix and match!

How long will it take to deliver?

Our Sarees are made-to-order, and typically delivery between 8 -12 days of ordering.

Can I return the saree if I don't like it?

If it doesn't spark joy, send it back! 😢 Just a heads-up, there's a small shipping fee – less than a fancy coffee! ☕️ More details on our Return Policy page.

Will the Saree come pre-draped?

Pre-draped? Not quite! Our sarees come ready for you to twist, twirl, and drape to your heart's content. 🌀 Need help? We're a message away for a custom creation!

How can I contact you?

Lost? Need help? Our contact details are playing hide and seek at the bottom of this page. Peek-a-boo! 👀

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